GEnx 2B Engine Enters Flight-Testing on GE Aviation's 747 Test-Bed

Released on Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental
Boeing 747-8F
GEnx 2B
GE - General Electric
LRU - Line Replaceable Unit
March 24, 2009 -- The new GEnx-2B jet engine for Boeing's new 747-8 aircraft has begun flight-testing on GE Aviation's 747 flying test-bed.

During the five-hour first flight Monday (March 23), a single GEnx-2B engine demonstrated aircraft systems and instrumentation functionality, climbing close to 40,000 feet and establishing engine performance baseline. About 40 flights with the engine are planned for this spring and summer.

The GEnx-2B, slated for certification this year, is the engine for the new Boeing 747-8. It is being flight-tested on GE's flying test laboratory, a modernized 747-100. It was the 16th aircraft off the original Boeing 747 production line and had entered revenue service for Pan Am in 1972.

"GE is thrilled to power Boeing's new 747-8, which will bring a new level of economics to commercial travel," said Tom Brisken, general manager of the GEnx program. "It's a busy year for the GEnx-2B with an aggressive flight-test program on GE's 747 before it ultimately powers the new Boeing jet."

"We are excited to see the GEnx-2B successfully complete its first flight," said Mo Yahyavi, vice president and general manager for the 747 Program. "This is yet another step toward bringing the 747-8 to market and providing our customers with an airplane that delivers the capabilities needed to be successful in today's competitive environment."

The GEnx-2B engine is optimized for the Boeing 747-8 aircraft, but still shares the engine core and 80 percent of the line replaceable units (LRUs) as the GEnx-1B that powers the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. In addition, the engine will benefit from the experience of GE's most extensive development program to help ensure unrivaled engine maturity prior to entry into service.

To date, more than 400 GEnx-2B engines have been sold on the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental and Freighter. More than 1,100 GEnx engine has been sold for the 747-8 and the 787, making it the fast-selling big engine in GE history.

Source: GEnx Engine For New Boeing 747-8 Begins Flight-Testing on Historic 747

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