General Atomics Developing Two Revolutionary US Navy Programs

Released on Monday, February 28, 2005
United States of America
AAG - Advanced Arresting Gear
SDD - System Development and Demonstration
General Atomics (GA) was awarded two important contracts by the US Navy for the development and demonstration of an Advanced Arresting Gear suitable for aircraft carriers and the design and fabrication of an advanced propulsion motor.

General Atomics-led team was awarded a five-year $96 million contract for System Development and Demonstration (SDD) for the US Navy's Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG) program on February 25, 2005. Installation and demonstration of AAG will be conducted at NAVAIR test facility at Lakehurst, New Jersey. Other team members are Curtiss-Wright Electro-Mechanical Corporation, Engineered Arresting Systems Corporation, Foster-Miller, John J. McMullen Associates, and EDO Corporation.

The AAG will be used to recover existing and projected carrier-based aircraft well into the 21st century. In addition, it will provide increased operational availability, while reducing manning, maintenance, and support costs, and significantly enhancing safety.

The Office of Naval Research awarded General Atomics a $46 million contract for detail-design, fabrication, and factory testing of a full-scale superconducting DC homopolar motor for ship propulsion on February 28, 2005. GA will deliver a 36.5 megawatt, 120 rpm prototype motor and associated equipment, which will be shipped to the US Navy facility for full-performance testing.

The advanced superconducting DC homopolar motor offers many benefits including a very small diameter and lightweight design. The motor has the potential to power destroyer-sized ships that are begin developed by the US Navy.


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