General Dynamics Selected to Lead Land Warrior Program

Released on Tuesday, February 4, 2003
Land Warrior
M1126 Stryker ICV
FBCB2 - Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below
FCS - Future Combat Systems
General Dynamics Decision Systems, a General Dynamics subsidiary, has been awarded a $60 million contract by the US Army to enhance the current version of the Land Warrior System.

This system includes personal electronics, communications, global navigation and other integrated equipment. Land Warrior also enhances interoperability with the battlefield command and communications systems found on Stryker Brigade Combat Team vehicles and FCS.

The total potential value of the Land Warrior program with all options exercised is estimated in $791 million.

The Land Warrior enhances lethality, survivability, battle command, mobility and tactical awareness to US soldiers. The Land Warrior also allows the soldier to pass and receive data from Stryker vehicles and the whole combat area. Land Warrior is compatible with the FBCB2 software, the core of the Army's digitization effort.

Land Warrior consists of several subsystems, including a weapon system, a integrated helmet assembly and protective clothing. Through a helmet-mounted display, a soldier can view computer-generated graphical data, digital maps, intelligence information, troop locations and imagery from a weapon-mounted thermal sight and video camera.

This capability allows a soldier to see around a corner, acquire a target, and then fire the weapon without risking exposure to enemy fire.

The Land Warrior could be combat-ready as early as 2004. The first systems under this contract are scheduled for delivery in 2005.


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