General Dynamics Sings $672 million Spanish Contracts

Released on Wednesday, January 28, 2004
General Dynamics Santa Barbara Sistemas, a subsidiary of General Dynamics, signed two contracts worth $672 to modernize 95 BMR wheeled armored vehicles and procure the second batch of Pizarro infantry fighting vehicle.

The 95 BMRs upgrade program is worth $33 million and is dubbed BMR2 by the Spanish Army. GD Santa Barbara Sistemas has already upgraded 600 BMR to the BMR2 standard for the Spanish Army.

The $639 million contract awarded for the Pizarro armored vehicle development will extend the program through 2012. In September 2003 the Spanish government awarded a $250 million contract for the second phase of the Pizarro program. The overall cost of the second phase of Pizarro now stands at $889 million figure.

The second phase of the Pizarro armored vehicle program consists of development and production of 212 Pizarros. Approximately 170 of them will be delivered in the infantry/cavalry configuration, and the remaining 42 Pizarros to be delivered in the following configurations: 5 command posts vehicles, 28 forward observer vehicles, 8 recovery vehicles, and one combat engineer vehicle.

The Pizarro tracked armored vehicle and the BMR wheeled armored vehicle are used by the Spanish Army. The BMR has been deployed in scenarios such as Bosnia, Kosovo and recently Iraq.


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