Greek MoD Signs Contract for C-27J Spartan Aircraft

Released on Friday, January 17, 2003
C-27J Spartan
LMATTS - Lockheed Martin Alenia Tactical Transport Systems
Lockheed-Martin Alenia Tactical Transports Systems, LMATTS, signed a contract with the government of Greece for the supply of 12 C-27J Spartan tactical transport aircraft plus an option for 3 additional aircraft.

The contract has a value of €297 million, excluding the 3 aircraft option. LMATTS is a joint venture company formed by Alenia and Lockheed-Martin.

The C-27J acquisition is the result of the MRTA (Medium Range Tactical Aircraft) program launched by the Greek government.

These 12 C-27J tactical transport aircraft will provide the Hellenic Armed Forces with an outstanding capability airlift capability for their peacekeeping and tactical missions in the region.

The first C-27J Spartan will be delivered to Greece in late 2004, at a rate of one a month until completion of the project.

The C-27J ,developed by Lockheed-Martin and Alenia, is based on the proven twin-engine C-27A/G.222. The C-27J has the same external dimensions of the C-27A/G.222 aircraft, but incorporates the advanced technology used on the C-130J Hercules. That enhances substantially the performance of the C-27J over C-27A/G.222 aircraft.

The Spartan is powered by two Allison AE2100 engines with six-blade Dowty composite propeller.

The C-27J Spartan has already been ordered by the Italian Air Force, 12 aircraft to date. The C-27J received military type certification by the Ministry of Defense of Italy in December 2001.


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