HALO Mark2 Enters Service with the British Army

Released on Wednesday, February 26, 2003
ASP - Advanced Sound ranging Program
BAe - British Aerospace
HALO - Hostile Artillery LOcation system
MoD - Ministry of Defence
Bae Systems has announced that the Hostile Artillery Location system Mark 2, also known as HALO, has been taken into service with the British Army following completion of a testing program conducted by the MoD.

HALO Mk2 is a part of the British Army's Advanced Sound ranging Program, also known as ASP.

HALO detects and pinpoints the position of enemy guns, even in urban terrain. HALO Mk2 is more accurate than the earlier version which has been used successfully in Balkans operations.

HALO Mk2 development program has been funded privately by BAe Systems as an initiative to expand its expertise in acoustic locations system.

HALO Mk2 artillery location system features high levels of availability, passive operation mode and high accuracy in both urban and mountainous environments.

HALO has an open architecture to provide the potential for further enhancements in the future. It can operate passively, day and night with a 360� coverage.

HALO works employing a number of sensor posts deployed over a wide area, each of which has an array of microphones together with sensors for measuring weather conditions as temperature and wind. All those data is relayed and managed by a single central command post.

Using powerful software algorithms, the HALO system can determine the flight path of sound and so the location of enemy artillery.


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