Hamina-Class Craft to Get 9LV Combat Management System and Trackfire Remote Weapon Station

Released on Thursday, January 4, 2018
New Lightweight Torpedo
ASW - Anti Submarine Warfare
CMS - Combat Management System
RWS - Remote Weapons Station
SEK - Swedish Krona
Defence and security company Saab has been contracted by Patria as one of the major suppliers across the Finnish Navy Squadron 2000 Mid-Life Upgrade programme. Patria has the prime role for the total programme, which includes refurbishment and upgrade of four Hamina-class fast attack crafts. Saab's order value amounts to approximately SEK 960 million with deliveries starting from 2018.

Saab will supply the 9LV Combat Management System (CMS), the 9LV Fire Control System (FCS) including the Ceros 200 fire control director and the Trackfire Remote Weapon Station (RWS). Patria has also selected Saab's TactiCall integrated communications system. A contract for TactiCall will be signed separately slightly later.

Saab will also, as part of the Squadron 2000 MLU programme, supply its new lightweight torpedo to the Finnish Navy. Saab's new lightweight torpedo, which the Royal Swedish Navy has also previously ordered, is a flexible, advanced Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) solution for littoral conditions. As a flexible system, it can be launched from surface ships, aircraft and submarines in anti-submarine and anti-surface roles. It works equally well in both littoral and blue waters and in cold, warm and brackish conditions.

"Saab has been a supplier of cutting-edge naval systems to the Finnish Navy for many decades. We have yet again demonstrated that our solutions and expertise meet the requirements of the Finnish Navy and we look forward to further strengthening our cooperation with the Finnish Navy and defence industry," says Anders Gardberg, Head of Saab's country unit Finland.

The 9LV CMS is used as command and control centre for many advanced surface vessels and submarines, providing naval forces with outstanding operational capabilities, supporting all mission types, from littorals to the open ocean. Ceros 200 is a radar and optronic tracking fire control director designed for use on naval ships.

"9LV's open-architecture design allows seamless integration of Saab's solutions as well as third-party sensors, weapons and systems. We will provide the Hamina-class vessels with a world-class naval system, further strengthening the Finnish Navy's operational capability," says Anders Carp, Senior Vice President and head of Saab's business area Surveillance.

Trackfire RWS provides the hit performance required to engage threats effectively under all conditions. Saab's integrated communications system TactiCall interconnects communication technologies regardless of radio band, frequency or hardware.

All of the Finnish Navy's current vessels feature at least one system from Saab, with the majority operating several systems.


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