Heron 1 Achieves Full Operational Capability in ISAF Mission

Released on Monday, June 6, 2011
IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries
ISAF - International Security Assistance Force
RPV - Remote-Piloted Vehicle
SAATEG - System fuer die abbildende Aufklaerung in der Tiefe des Einsatzgebietes
UAS - Unmanned Aircraft System
UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
In recent years, unmanned aerial systems have been playing an increasingly important role in military operations worldwide. Many of the sensors used in modern network-enabled operations are mounted on drones, i.e. unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or remotely piloted vehicles (RPVs); in addition, modern armed forces are using them more and more often as effector platforms.

Under its SAATEG programme, which stands for "Systems zur Abbildenden Aufklärung in der Tiefe des Einsatzgebietes" or "Systems for imagery reconnaissance deep in the area of operations", the Bundeswehr is cooperating closely with Rheinmetall Defence of Germany and its partner company Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI). The globally operating Israeli enterprise has over forty years' experience in the international defence industry and some 17,000 employees. In total, IAI-made UAS products have already clocked on around 900,000 flight hours. Joint Rheinmetall and IAI projects now help to protect German and allied troops deployed in harm's way in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Source: Heron 1 achieves full operational capability in ISAF mission

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