IAI to Develop Land-Based Barak 8 Air and Missile Defense System for Export Customer

Released on Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Barak 8 AMD
AMD - Air And Missile Defense
BMC4I - Battle Management, Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence
CEO - Chief Executive Officer
IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has recently signed a contract to develop and supply the land-based Barak 8 Air and Missile Defense (AMD) System to a foreign customer.

The Barak 8 AMD, an advanced all-weather, day/night system capable of multiple simultaneous engagements in complex scenarios, provides a 360� defense against a wide variety of airborne platforms and munitions from short and medium ranges. The land-based system is based on the Naval Barak 8 AMD system that has been sold to the Israeli Navy and to foreign customers.

Itzhak Nissan, IAI's President and CEO said: "We are very proud of the Barak 8 AMD system. IAI employed its technological and experiential knowledge - based on both the Naval Barak 8 AMD system, and on its four decades of work in the aerospace field - to reach this significant accomplishment. The system is composed of a combination of IAI-manufactured products, creating a powerful system which can be a cornerstone to any defense plan."

The Barak 8 AMD system includes a unique battle management, command, control, communication and intelligence center (BMC4I); an interceptor; and a Land-Based Multi-Function Surveillance, Track & Guidance Radar (LB-MF-STAR). The BMC4I, produced by the MBT Division of IAI's Missiles, Systems, and Space Group, offers both stand alone operation for a single fire unit, and joint task force coordination (JTC). The JTC mode allows for the synergy of all available resources, giving the user maximum operational flexibility.

The Barak 8 interceptor, developed in collaboration with RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., can intercept at short and medium ranges. It is dual pulsed and has an advanced seeker, providing all-weather, day/night engagements in complex saturation scenarios. The interceptor is vertically launched from a mobile ground launcher.

Source: IAI Signs Contract to Develop and Supply Land-Based Barak 8

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