IZAR to Build a 27,000-ton Class LHD for the Spanish Navy

Released on Wednesday, September 10, 2003
CH-46D Sea Knight
CH-47D Chinook
Juan Carlos I
SH-3 Sea King
The IZAR Shipyards announced the construction of a 27,000-ton class ship, known as the LHD, for the Spanish Navy. The LHD will be the biggest ship owned by the Spanish Navy ever.

The LHD will feature 27,082-ton displacement, 230 meters long, and maximum speed at full load of 21 knots. This ship will be able to accommodate up to 1,443-man including ship's crew (243) and Infantry troops/Marines (1,200).

The LHD has been defined by Spanish official sources as the strategic projection/deployment ship and should perform as amphibious assault ship, aircraft carrier employing V/STOL Harriers, and cargo ship for the Spanish Army.

The LHD's flight deck will allow to operate simultaneously up to 4 Chinook, or 6 medium-sized helicopters. Its hangar will accommodate 12 medium-sized helicopters such as NH90 and SH-3D Sea King.


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