India Purchases Three IL-76 AEW Aircraft

Released on Friday, March 5, 2004
AEW - Airborne Early Warning
ELINT - Electronic Intelligence
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
The Indian Ministry of Defense and Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) have signed a $1.1 billion contract for the supply three IL-76 based Airborne Early Warning (AEW) aircraft in New Delhi, India.

The Indian Air Force will be the customer for the three Il-76 AEW aircraft gaining an air warfare key capability similar to NATO E-3 aircraft. Usually, these aircraft will carry out tactical surveillance of airborne targets and gathering of electronic intelligence (ELINT) missions.

The early warning electronic equipment to be installed onboard three Il-76 airframes have been developed by Elta, an IAI subsidiary, including radars, electronic intelligence and communications systems. Indian AEW aircraft will benefit from early expertise gained by IAI during the Chilean Air Force Condor AEW aircraft which entered service in 1995.

The Indian Armed Forces are increasing and improving their inventories through the acquisition of modern weaponry such as SU-30MKI aircraft, a new aircraft carrier, the LCA aircraft and T-90S battle tanks as well as upgrading current weapon systems such as T-72 main battle tank.


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