Iron Dome Air Defense System Successfully Completes First Series of Tests

Released on Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Iron Dome
IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries
IMOD - Israeli Ministry of Defense
MMR - Multi-Mission Radar
The Israel Defense Establishment has recently completed a series of successful tests of the Iron Dome system. The battery includes two multi mission radars (MMRs), produced by ELTA Systems Ltd., a group and wholly owned subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), which were stationed at different points. As part of the tests, tens of rockets were fired, and IAI/ELTA's radars performed outstandingly well, playing a key role in the success of the tests.

The Iron Dome system, which was ordered by "MAFAT" (Administration of Research and Development of Fighting Means and Technological Infrastructure) of the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMOD), is an active system against short and medium range ballistic threats, intercepting and destroying short range rockets at close proximity. Iron Dome is an important part of the multi-tiered defense program of the Defense Establishment, along with the Arrow anti-tactical ballistic missile defense system, David's Sling, and the old Patriot system.

The Iron Dome system is based on launchers, advanced radar, and a command and control array. An important and central component of the Iron Dome system is the MMR, the radar manufactured by ELTA. The MMR is an advanced, sophisticated portable ground radar which performs rapid identification of the target, tracking it accurately and providing vital data to the weapons system for simultaneously handling and neutralizing multiple threats.

Nissim Hadas, Corporate VP of IAI and President of ELTA, said that "the MMR family of radars, including the radar integrated in the Iron Dome battery, is based on advanced, modern technology, providing unique capabilities and excellent operational results. The radar's unique operational capabilities place it among the best worldwide."

Two years have passed since the beginning of the Iron Dome project until this successful test, a relatively short span of time for developing and integrating the complex system components - the radar, the command and control system, the launcher, and the interceptor.

The data collected by the radar are classified and passed to command and control in order to determine the required action. If, for example, a Qassam is launched into an open area, the data collected by the radar and passed to the command and control center enable the decision that launching an interception missile would be unnecessary, thus saving a lot of money. The data of the advanced radar enable the system to respond only to a direct threat and not to falls in open areas - thus preventing unnecessary launches.

The Iron Dome project was declared a national project, and benefited from extensive support and full backing by all levels of management at IAI and ELTA, and at other relevant companies. "People saw this project as the task of a lifetime and knew that their work will actually save lives," said Hadas. "The project's team has all spent days and nights performing the integration work. This team deserves great appreciation for its professional work and the time invested and dedication shown."

Source: Israel Aerospace Industries' Multi Mission Radar Performed an Active Role in a Successful series of Tests of the "Iron Dome" System

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