Italy Takes Delivery of COSMO-SkyMed Ground Segment

Released on Friday, September 25, 2009
ASI - Italian Space Agency
I-DUGS - Italian Defence User Ground Segment
Ceremony to mark the handover of the Ground segment of the COSMO-SkyMed system from the industry to the defence ministries, held at the Centro Interforze Telerilevamento Satellitare (Italy's inter-force satellite remote sensing centre)

A ceremony held on 21 September marked the change of management of the ground military segment (I-DUGS, or Italian Defence User Ground Segment) of the COSMO-SkyMed satellite system, located at the Centro Interforze Telerilevamento Satellitare (inter-force satellite remote sensing centre) at Pratica di Mare (near Rome).

The system passed from being under the technical management of the prime contractor, Thales Alenia Space, through the Italian Space Agency (ASI), to that of the defence ministry.

The transfer enables the defence ministry immediately to exploit to the full, and operationally, the resources of the national programme, within its area of responsibility.

The Italian Defence User Ground Segment was built by Telespazio, a Finmeccanica/Thales company, and will be responsible for programming, acquiring, and processing data from the COSMO-SkyMed satellites, for military applications.


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