JCM Demonstrates Ability to Effectively Kill Urban Targets

Released on Tuesday, March 15, 2005
United Kingdom
United States of America
AGM-114F Hellfire
AGM-65K Maverick
JCM - Joint Common Missile
km - kilometre
MOUT - Military Operation in Urban Terrain
SDD - System Development and Demonstration
Lockheed-Martin's Joint Common Missile (JCM) multi-target warhead and fuze have been successfully demonstrated in a series of warhead penetration tests at the Redstone Technical Test Center, Alabama.

The four test were aimed at demonstrating JCM missile's ability to penetrate and destroy Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) targets. The tests simulating tactical scenarios included detonation of the precursor warhead, penetration of a brick-over-block wall, and emergence of the intact warhead in an interior space.

Test missiles were launched using an air-gun and propelled at velocities ranging from 574 to 902 feet-per-second (391 to 615 miles-per-hour or 630 to 990 km/h) and at obliquity angles of 30 and 45 degrees. The main warhead case and the fairing module came through the wall near intact. Thus a detonation inside the urban fortification is possible through the time-delayed fuze. The tests data matched earlier simulations predictions and achieved all the pre-planned objectives.

This tests campaign is part of SDD Phase 1 contract. The JCM is the next generation anti-tank weapon for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft with around 54,000 missiles expected to be procured by joint services. The United Kingdom has also expressed interest in the new weapon which will replace Hellfire and Maverick missiles.


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