JCM Demonstrates Useful in Urban Areas

Released on Wednesday, February 11, 2004
United States of America
MOUT - Military Operation in Urban Terrain
Lokheed-Martin successfully demonstrated that the Joint Common Missile (JCM) is suitable for military operation in Urban Terrain (MOUT) penetrating fortified urban targets using its multi-target warhead and fuze.

The testing was performed at the Redstone Arsenal Technical Test Center in Huntsville, Alabama. The Join Common Missile designed by Lockheed-Martin demonstrated that its warhead performed as predicted against the specified MOUT target. The precursor charge detonated successfully paving the way for the main charge timing delayed by the fuze for enhanced penetration effect.

This series of test demonstrated that the JCM main warhead would detonate successfully inside an urban structure, as required by the Joint Services.

The testing included air gun firings of simulated JCMs varying velocity and impact angle against bricks-over-block fortifications. The critical fuze design was previously tested at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, employing howitzer shots that blasted it through concrete walls.

Lockheed-Martin is competing for the JCM contract which is intended to replace current air-launcher Hellfire and Mavrick anti-armor missiles.

The precision strike JCM will feature a maximum range of 28 kilometers for fixed-wing aircraft and 16 km for rotary-wing aircraft, multiple mode seekers, multi-purpose warhead, and modular architecture to easily accommodate future improvements.


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