JETTS Assessment Phase Gets Green Light

Released on Thursday, July 29, 2004
United Kingdom
JETTS - Joint Effects Tactical Targeting System
NEC - Network Enabled Capability
UK - United Kingdom
The United Kingdom Ministry of Defense has launched the assessment phase British Army's Joint Effects Tactical Targeting System (JETTS) digitization requirement.

The JETTS assessment phase will be conducted by Raytheon Systems Limited, a UK subsidiary of Raytheon, with an estimated value of $17 million. The manufacture follow-on phase is anticipated to be worth some $510 million.

The JETTS is a key element for British forces Network Enabled Capability (NEC) initiative as well as an instrumental element in military forces digitization. The JETTS goal is to improve delivery of fire effects by enhancing the effects of tempo, simultaneity, surprise, tactical agility, lethality and survivability while reducing friendly fire cases.

The JETTS program will provide the electronic toolset required by staff at headquarters level. It will make possible management, coordination, coordination and synchronization of joint indirect fire, typically howitzers and rocket launch systems fires. Overall British military forces will benefit from an accurate and effective fire delivery system.

The JETTS capability milestone one is expected to enter service with the British Army in 2007.


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