Jordan Purchases 2 C-295 Aircraft

Released on Wednesday, February 12, 2003
Czech Republic
United Arab Emirates
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
The Kingdom of Jordan and EADS CASA has signed a contract worth about $45 million for the purchase of 2 C-295 military transport aircraft to be delivered throughout 2003.

EADS CASA C-295 is the most modern military transport aircraft belonging to the family of military transport aircraft manufactured by EADS CASA. Other aircraft belonging to this family are C-212 and CN-235, there are more than 700 of these aircraft flying all over the world.

Jordan will become the third C-295s operator. Spain bought 9 C-295 aircraft and Poland 8. 12 C-295s aircraft have been selected by the Brazilian Air Force, 2 selected by the Swiss Air Force and 4 selected by the United Arab Emirates Navy.

AMS, Alenia Marconi Systems, has been awarded a €35 million contract by NATO agency NC3A to supply 3 air defense 3D radar systems RAT31DL for the Polish Air Defense.

This contract follows recent acquisition of a total of 10 RAT31DL fixed-position air defense radars for the Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece and Turkey.

RAT31DL belongs to the latest generation of 3D long range radar systems with excellent capabilities to detect and track both aircraft and missiles. The RAT31DL antenna is electronically controlled and can provide information about range, direction and altitude of aerial targets.


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