KRET to Provide Avionics for New Ekranoplan

Released on Wednesday, September 23, 2015
km/h - kilometers per hour
The A-050 heavy ekranoplan will be fully equipped with Russian avionics

The design has been finalized for the new A-050 naval ekranoplan, which will be fully equipped with Russian avionics and modern navigation and piloting systems developed by Scientific Research Institute of Aircraft Equipment (NIIAO), which is part of KRET.

The Central Design Bureau for Hydrofoil named for Alexeyev has already completed a draft design for the project. Recently, the enterprise announced that it is ready to begin construction on the first 54-ton ekranoplan in the new A-050 series. Georgy Antsev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Central Design Bureau for Hydrofoil said, "We are prepared enough to already begin construction of the prototype," as reported by Interfax-MNA.

According to him, "The A-050 has very good aerodynamics and has been successfully tested in a wind tunnel and on hydraulic canals."

Georgy Antsev noted that the A-050 ekranoplan will be entirely equipped with Russian avionics and modern navigation and piloting systems developed jointly with NIIAO, which is part of KRET.

He also said that negotiations are already underway with potential customers. According to him, the A-050 is ideal for the Federal Border Service, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Federal Security Service, and Navy for patrolling of territoritories. The A-050 ekranoplan will have a takeoff weight of 54 tons. It is designed to carry 9 tons of cargo or 100 passengers for a distance of up to 5,000 km at a cruising speed of 350-450 km/h. The ekranoplan may be outfitted with R-195 starting engines similar to the Su-25, and TV7-117SM boosters, as on the Il-114.

According to the international definition, an ekranoplan is a multi-functional ship that flies with "ground effect" on the surface, meaning at a relatively low altitude, only several meters off the ground. The flying boat's "ground effect" is created by the aerodynamic lift force generated between the ground and the wing or wings, fuselage of the ekranoplan or those parts of the wing that are designed for use of "ground effect".

The ekranoplan's advantage is that it can freely move along a variety of routes. In addition to the water surface, ekranoplans can move over land and snow, and are stored on land. Thus, the ekranoplan combines the best qualities of both a plane and ship. Notably, according to international classifications, ekranoplans are categorized as naval vessels: they are not considered to be planes that can navigate waters, but rather as ships that can fly.

Source: KRET enterprises are involved in the creation of a new ekranoplan

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