Kingdom of Jordan Orders 4 Additional EC 635 Helicopters

Released on Tuesday, January 10, 2006
AS 532SC Cougar
AS350 Ecureuil
AS355 Ecureuil
EMS - Emergency Medical Service
RJAF - Royal Jordanian Air Force
The Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) has placed a firm order for four additional EC635 light twin-engined helicopters. This new order will further increase the existing fleet of EC635 already in operational service with the RJAF. Two of these helicopters will be delivered at the end of 2006, the other two early 2007. Further fleet increases are considered possible.

By mid-2004, Eurocopter completed deliveries of the initial fleet of EC635 Helicopters to the RJAF. To date, the EC635s have performed to the complete satisfaction of the RJAF, which also operates a significant fleet of Super Pumas and Ecureuil by Eurocopter.

The RJAF flies its EC635s under extreme climatic conditions and around the clock, including night-vision goggle missions. Missions include surveillance flights in border areas and special operations for anti-terrorist vigilance, as well as police and EMS missions and VIP flights inside Jordan.

Due to the reliability and high availability of the EC635, the RJAF was able to increase its number of flight hours by 75 percent since introducing the EC635 in 2003. The aircraft require low maintenance and have low operating cost, thereby delivering optimum value and mission readiness to the customer. These facts combined have led to the follow-on order.

The EC635 is the military version of the highly successful light twin-engine EC135 helicopter. It is one of the most versatile helicopters on the market today. It is designed to carry out military/paramilitary and public security missions, also including search and rescue, troop transport, reconnaissance/observation, scout/light attack missions, training and vertical replenishment. The EC635 is also ideal for disaster relief and humanitarian aid missions, for medevac and for the transport of loads, medical supplies and food. It also carries out other duties involving naval and coastal surveillance.

Its internal equipment can be easily interchanged. For instance, the user can select one of several seating layouts, or install medical apparatus. The roomy 4.6 cubic-meter cabin is free of obstacles. Cabin access is via two lateral sliding doors - plus via two large-size rear doors - a feature not offered by any of the competitors. Thanks to the two rear clamshell doors and the shrouded Fenestron tail rotor, loading/unloading is performed in conditions of complete safety.


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