Korean LPX and KDXII Ships Get CIWS Goalkeeper

Released on Monday, January 20, 2003
South Korea
Thales Nederland, a subsidiary of Thales Group, achieved an agreement with the Ministry of Defense of South Korea involving the delivery of 5 Goalkeeper systems to the Korean Navy.

These Goalkeeper will be installed on LPX and KDXII ships, LPX (2) and KDXII one per ship (3). LPX is a Landing Platform due to be operational by June 2007. KDXII is a multipurpose destroyer program. Currently there are 3 destroyers ordered, under batch-2 contract.

With this decision the total number of Goalkeeper systems owned by the Korean Navy will be 14. This latest order contract is valued in €51 million and the first Goalkeepers are scheduled to delivery within 28 months. Goalkeeper is the European counterpart to US Navy's CIWS-Phalanx currently deployed aboard most of its ships.

Goalkeeper is the answer to the need for close-in ship defense system against highly maneuverable aircraft and missiles. It is autonomous and fully automatic system which detects, tracks, open fire, and performs kill assessment for several targets simultaneously. It is enabled to operate even in dense clutter and jamming environments.


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