Launch of Korean Helicopter Program Development Contract

Released on Monday, June 5, 2006
South Korea
KAI - Korea Aersopace Industries
KHP - Korean Helicopter Program
On the eve of the arrival in France of the Korean minister, Mme. Myeong-Sook Han, and at the precise time when France and Korea are celebrating the 120th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the Korean government has given its final approval for the launch of the new KHP military transport helicopter, developed in cooperation with Eurocopter.

For an estimated total amount of 6 to 8 billion USD, this program which concerns 245 helicopters, represents the largest defense contract ever signed between a European company and South Korea.

The aim of this program is to replace a fleet of currently-aging American-manufactured corporate and transport helicopters.

Korea Aerospace Industry (KAI) will be the main contractor for this unprecedented program. As first partner of KAI, Eurocopter will provide technical assistance for the development of the aircraft as well as certain sub-assemblies during the production phase.

In addition, the agreement between the two companies makes provision for the export marketing of this helicopter via a joint company. The estimated contract is in the order of 300 helicopters.


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