Lithuanian Air Force Took Delivery of Last C-27J Spartan

Released on Thursday, October 22, 2009
C-27J Spartan
CEO - Chief Executive Officer
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
SAR - Search and Rescue
USAF - United States Air Force
Alenia Aeronautica has delivered on the 21st of October 2009 to the Air Force of the Lithuanian Republic the last out of 3 C-27Js, as per the contract signed in June 2006, fully meeting time schedule.

The first aircraft had been delivered to the Lithuanian Air Force in December 2006 and the second one in December 2008. The ceremony took place at Siauliai Military Airport (Lithuania) at the presence of the Defence Ministry - Miss Rasa Jukneviciene - Commander of the Armed Forces - Maj Gen Arvydas Pocius - and Commander of the Lithuanian Air Force - Brig Gen Arturas Leita, and of Alenia Aeronautica's top management.

The Lithuanian Defence Ministry has expressed his full satisfaction for this successful programme for the Country's Armed Forces.

Giovanni Bertolone, CEO of Alenia Aeronautica, commented, "After one month from the ceremony for the delivery of the first refurbished G.222 for the U.S. Air Force (USAF) and assigned to the Afghan Air Force, today's delivery, with the last C-27J to the Lithuanian Air Force, stands once again for the strong commitment by Alenia Aeronautica in fulfilling its contractual duties and in assuring its customers' full satisfaction".

The C-27J, developed by Alenia Aeronautica, is an aircraft capable of accomplishing many missions among which transport of troops, goods and medical stuff, paradrop operations, search and rescue (SAR), support to civil protection and maritime patrolling activities.

The C-27J represents the most advanced programme of last-generation tactical transport airplanes and will be used by the Lithuanian Air Force for the transport of troops and materials, also outside national borders, within the operations led by NATO agreements, whose organisation Lithuania has been member since 2004.

Source: Alenia Aeronautica has delivered the last C-27J to the Lithuanian Air Force

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