Lockheed-Martin Awarded JCM Contract

Released on Wednesday, May 5, 2004
United Kingdom
United States of America
AGM-114F Hellfire
AGM-65H Maverick
JCM - Joint Common Missile
The US Department of Defense selected Lockheed-Martin to develop the Joint Common Missile (JCM) next generation air-to-ground anti-armor missile to be carried on US Armed Forces rotary and fixed-wing aircraft.

The JCM is worth around $5 billion over the entire life of the program including missiles production and logistics support. Lockheed-Martin has received a $53 million contract to commence work on the System Design and Development phase.

The system design and development phase includes a 14-month risk-reduction phase and 36-month testing and integration phase to ready the JCM missile for initial production. The first JCMs are expected to reach the field by 2010.

The US Army, Navy and Marine Corps are expected to procure up to 54,000 missiles to replace the Hellfire on their AH-64s, AH-1s and UH-60s helicopters and the Maverick on F/A-18s and AV-8Bs. The United Kingdom has already expressed interest in co-developing and producing the JCM missile. Export orders could add tens of thousands of JCMs to be produced.

Lockheed-Martin Missiles and Fire Control, a Lockheed-Martin's subsidiary, will be responsible for JCM design and development. Production will be carried out at Lockheed-Martin's manufacturing facilities in Troy, Alabama.

The JCM is equipped with a tri-mode seeker which combines semi-active laser for precision strike, imaging infrared for passive fire-and-forget and countermeasures robustness, and millimeter waver for active fire-and-forget day/night and in adverse weather.

The JCM multi-purpose warhead ships a shaped-charge for highly armored targets and a fragmentation warhead against soft-skinned targets such as ships, buildings, etc. One one advanced rocket motor will allow rotary and fixed-wing platforms to engage targets at greater ranges than Maverick or Hellfire missiles.


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