MAMBA Firefinder Radar Enters Service with Royal Marines

Released on Tuesday, January 20, 2004
United Kingdom
UK - United Kingdom
The UK Ministry of Defense has announced that the first Mobile Artillery Monitoring Battlefield Radar (MAMBA) system ordered to Ericsson Microwave in 2002 was delivered to the Royal Marines.

The MAMBA is a derivate of ARTHUR firefinder radar system mounted on an all-terrain, high mobility, amphibious Bv206 tracked chassis. Royal Marines leased the ARTHUR radar system to fill the gap between aging artillery weapon locating system and the MAMBA.

The MAMBA, and ARTHUR as well, can be easily and rapidly lifted by C-130 sized aircraft and Chinook sized battlefield helicopters, making the entire system highly deployable.

The MAMBA radar system can accurately locate enemy artillery positions, including howitzers, mortars and multiple launch rocket systems. The ARTHUR firefinder radar was deployed successfully by the Royal Marines during recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The MAMBA can be enabled for operations in just minutes and be effectively operated by a single soldier. Operating in stand-alone mode it covers a tactical range of 20 km, while networked with others they can cover an area in excess of 2,000 square kilometers.

The MAMBA program is worth £30 million (approximately $53 million) with 4 systems to be delivered to the Royal Marines.


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