MAPS Active Vehicle Protection System Demonstrated Successfully

Released on Monday, January 10, 2011
Tpz-1 Fuchs
MAPS - Mutual Active Protection System
Diehl BGT Defence successfully demonstrated the MAPS Active Vehicle Protection System on November 10 and 11, 2010, at the Federal Armed Forces Technical Centre WTD 91 Meppen, Germany. The test campaign was witnessed by numerous representatives of the German Bundeswehr as well as military officials of allied armed forces and both national and international industry representatives.

During the test campaign, the MAPS Active Protection System, mounted on a FUCHS transport vehicle, defeated incoming anti-tank rockets and guided missiles including advanced models with tandem warheads. MAPS includes active and passive sensors for situational awareness, threat detection and fire control as well as highly agile interceptors (blast effectors) which destroyed all anti-tank weapons at safe distance from the defended vehicle. In addition to effective vehicle protection, MAPS accurately localizes enemy firing positions enabling rapid and precise counterstrikes by the armoured vehicle thus actively countering repeated attacks.

Source: Successful demonstration of MAPS Mutual Active Protection System

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