MBDA Announces First Export Order for New Ground Based Air Defense System

Released on Monday, February 21, 2011
Vertical Launch Mica
C2 - Command and Control
IDEX - International Defence Exhibition & Conference
IMCP - Improved Missile Control Post
MPCV - Multi Purpose Combat Vehicle
PCP - Platoon Command Post
TOC - Tactical Operations Center
At the IDEX 2011 exhibition in Abu Dhabi, MBDA is revealing an addition to its air defence range by presenting for the first time a new combination of systems to coordinate the firing of Mistral and VL MICA missiles.

IMCP (Improved Missile Control Post) is the first element of this set up. It integrates, within a shelter mounted on an all-terrain vehicle, a command and control unit and latest generation 3D radar capable of detecting and identifying aerial targets at ranges of 80 km. IMCP is an evolved version of the Mistral Coordination Post of which more than 40 have already been sold. It comprises an operator console very carefully ergonomically designed to provide a work space within which the unit commander can carry out his mission under optimum conditions.

The second new system presented by MBDA is the PCP (Platoon Command Post). This modular command system is a direct derivative of the VL MICA Tactical Operations Centre (TOC) which has been developed in close cooperation with the French Air Force. PCP allows the commander to control multi-layer surface-to-air defence units, linking Mistral and VL MICA missile launchers. The system carries out the interface role between the various units responsible for coordinating the air space and, if necessary, its self-coordination with the PCP units deployed in neighbouring zones. The detection, identification and tracking functions are carried out via a link to the IMCP which, in this case, is completely remote-controlled by one of the three operators manning the PCP.

The combination of IMCP + PCP, already selected by its first customer, further broadens the range of surface-to-air command and control systems offered by MBDA. It provides a very high degree of flexibility with regard to the number and type of effectors in adapting to the mission or threats in question. The first deliveries of IMCP and PCP are expected as of 2014.

"MBDA's experience in anti-air defence is without equal in our four domestic countries as it is within the export market. We have sold 70,000 surface-to-air missiles, more than 4,000 fire control stations and around 2,000 C2 command and control stations. For 50 years we have covered every domain from very short to long range", said Antoine Bouvier, Chief Executive Officer of MBDA. "Thanks to this unique know how, we are able to add to our range of C2 systems today this new, highly modular family of C2 systems which will allow military users of Mistral and VL MICA the optimal means of adapting the deployment of their missiles in line with operational requirements and manpower availability".


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