MBDA and UK MoD Sign Long Term Partnering Arrangement for Supply and Support of Complex Weapons

Released on Monday, March 29, 2010
United Kingdom
F-35B Lightning II
Fire Shadow
Sea Ceptor
Sea Venom
Type 26
ANL - Anti-Navire Léger
CW - Complex Weapons
DGA - Délégation Générale pour l'Armement
FASGW - Future Anti-Surface Guided Weapon
FLAADS - Future Local Area Air Defence System
LM - Loitering Munition
MoD - Ministry of Defence
PMA-I - interim Portfolio Management Agreement
SPEAR - Selective Precision Effects At Range
UK - United Kingdom
MBDA is pleased to announce it has agreed a long term partnering arrangement with the UK MOD for the development and supply of new Complex Weapons (CW) to the UK Armed Forces to counter current and future threats. Under the interim Portfolio Management Agreement (PMA-I), MBDA will lead the transformation of the UK's CW capability through the management of a portfolio of projects potentially worth up to £4Bn over the next 10 years. As part of this arrangement, MBDA has signed a contract, worth £330M, for the first package of projects focussed on deployment of new military capabilities into Afghanistan. Over the next 10 years, as further military capabilities are added, this portfolio approach will deliver £1.2Bn of efficiencies for the UK MOD.

The initial contract will see MBDA deliver unique weapons capabilities that are directly relevant to today's war fighting environment; Fire Shadow Loitering Munition (LM) for the British Army and Selective Precision Effects At Range (SPEAR) Capability 2, Block 1, for Royal Air Force fast jets, with both projects now moving into their respective Demonstration and Manufacturing Phases. The contract also requires MBDA to carry out further Assessment Phase work on SPEAR Capability 3 to equip the Joint Strike Fighter and Future Local Area Air Defence System (FLAADS) to equip the Royal Navy's Future Surface Combatant. This is in addition to the ongoing Assessment Phase on Future Anti-Surface Guided Weapon/Anti-Navire Léger (FASGW/ANL), in cooperation with the DGA, to equip UK and French naval helicopters.

The interim PMA is the culmination of MBDA and UK MOD joint working since the launch of Team CW in 2006 to transform the procurement arrangements for Complex Weapons to reflect the principles of the Defence Industrial Strategy and Defence Acquisition reform. MBDA has focused relentlessly on demonstrating that this new approach is affordable, responsive and flexible to the needs of the UK MOD whilst ensuring the very best in complex weaponry is made available to UK Armed Forces.

Steve Wadey, MBDA Executive Group Technical Director and Managing Director UK, responding to the good news, said:

"Complex Weapons are a fundamental component of UK military capability, providing our Armed Forces and their platforms with the assured battle-winning edge in operations. The Portfolio Management Agreement represents a major milestone and sets a benchmark for partnering between UK MOD and industry. MBDA will work together with UK MOD to transform the way these weapons are supplied and supported to deliver the best equipment to the front line, best value for money to the taxpayer and sustain a healthy UK industrial base."


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