MIG Delivers First Upgraded Mig-29SD to Slovakia

Released on Friday, February 29, 2008
ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization
LOT - Letecke Opravovne Trencin
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
RAC �?iG� has successfully completed the Slovakian MiGs' upgrade program. On February 29, 2008 at the Sliac airbase all the 12 MiG-29 aircraft were solemnly inducted into the Slovakian Air Force fleet. The Slovakian side has confirmed the high quality of the upgrade and the MiG-29 fighters' compliance with the NATO standards regarding aircraft's combat, flight and operational performance.

The completed upgrade represents a pioneering case of the US, German, Czech and Russian companies to jointly retrofit Russian-made fighters in a NATO member state Slovakia.

The upgrading activities approved by the Russian Government were carried out in accordance with the "umbrella" contract concluded between the Slovakian Defense Ministry and RAC �?iG� on 03.07.2002 and the supplementary agreement of 2004.

As the result of the upgrade the Slovakian MiG-29 fighters fully meet NATO standards and ICAO requirements due to equipping their avionics suites with the top-notch computing, navigation and radio communication systems, as well as with the state identification ("friend-or-foe") system. The performed updating considerably expands the MiG-29 performance with respect to navigation, destroying aerial targets and interacting with the NATO countries' land, naval and air forces. The MiG-29 new systems improve its operational safety and extend its unification with the Western aircraft.

To meet the Slovakian AF requirements RAC �?iG� performed as an integrator of the onboard avionics suite to incorporate systems and equipment by the leading Russian, US, German and other companies. Hence, the upgraded MiGs now feature the state identification by BAE Systems, navigation and radio communication systems by Rockwell Collins, Russian-made computer and displays.

The upgraded Slovakian MiG-29s have demonstrated their excellent performance in the course of a joint NATO exercise.

The retrofitting was performed at the Letecke Opravovne Trencin (LOT) facilities in the city of Trencin (Slovakia) that allowed creating new jobs and ensured further growth of the Slovakian national aircraft industry.

Along with the upgrading RAC �?iG� has introduced some solutions to substantially improve the MiG-29 fighter's operational performance. Due to the modifications, new diagnostic system and transition to on-condition maintenance the aircraft service life is increased to 40 years and 4,000 flight hours.

Similar measures are applied to the MiG-29s in other Central and Eastern European countries, e.g. in Poland and Bulgaria, to maintain the air fleets' combat readiness and efficiency for the long time to come.

In particular the Polish Air Force has taken a decision to continue operating their MiG-29s till 2025.

In accordance with the contract signed by the Slovakian Defense Ministry and RAC �?iG� the latter provides the MiG-29 subscription maintenance ensuring their tarmac readiness at the level of above 80%.

Besides the upgraded variant implemented in Slovakia and designated the 'MiG-29SD' RAC �?iG� offers its customers the '?iG-29S?' and the '?iG-29S??' versions. As well as the updated Slovakian MiG-29 fighters, these aircraft sport high flight and operational performance while boasting expanded potential in destroying aerial, ground and sea targets.

Source: Russian Aircraft Corporation �?iG� successfully upgraded the ?iG-29 aircraft of the Slovakian Air Force

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