Mexican Navy Orders 2+8 Panther Helicopters

Released on Monday, October 13, 2003
United States of America
AS565 Panther
SAR - Search and Rescue
SAR - Synthetic Aperture Radar
Eurocopter has announced the signature in Mexico City of a contract with the Mexican Navy for the supply of 2 Panther naval helicopters with 8 additional Panthers as option.

The Panther helicopters will be operated from boats and land in support of coast guard, surveillance, search and rescue (SAR), drug and troop transport missions. Deliveries of these helicopters are due in 2005.

To date, up to 259 Panther helicopters have been sold to military customers and more than 490 Dauphin helicopters, the civil version of the proven Panther, have been sold to non-military customers. Bringing the total number of Panther/Dauphin airframes produced to date well in excess of 700 units.

Other Panther/Dauphin customers in America are the United States with 99 Dauphins sold to US Coast Guard and Brazil with 36 Panthers purchased for its military forces.

Recently the Panther/Dauphin helicopter has been selected by the Korean Navy Police, the Moroccan Royal Navy, the Greek Port Police and the Spanish Coast Guard Service.


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