Mk 110 Selected for Lockheed-Martin's LCS

Released on Wednesday, December 1, 2004
United States of America
57mm Mk3
LCS Freedom
Mk 110 Mod 0
3P - Pre-fragmented Programmable Proximity fuzed
LCS - Littoral Combat Ship
Lockheed-Martin has selected 57mm Mk 110 naval gun system from United Defense for its flight 0 Littoral Combat Ship (LCS). The naval gun along with Mk 295, 3P Swedish designation, intelligent ammunition will provide self-defense against small-sized, fast moving threats in the coastal environment.

This decision follows Mk110 naval gun selection for US Navy's DD(X) destroyer. 3P/Mk 295 ammunition is fully programmable featuring a precision timed fuse and lethal air-burst capability. Mk 110 is a variant of Swedish 57mm Mk3 naval gun developed by Bofors Defence, a wholly owned subsidiary of United Defense.

The initial contract placed by Lockheed-Martin is for long-lead associated materials and provides options for two Mk110 naval gun systems upon receipt of government funding. Mk 110 naval gun systems production contracts in support of Lockheed-Martin Littoral Combat Ship are expected in early 2005.

Mk 110 production work under this initiative is expected to run through the end of 2007. Production will be performed at United Defense facilities in Louisville, Kentucky. US Navy's LCS is intended to dominate the coastal environment well into the 21st century performing anti-mine, anti-submarine and anti-surface missions.


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