MoD Launches FRES program

Released on Wednesday, May 5, 2004
United Kingdom
FCS - Future Combat Systems
FRES - Future Rapid Effect System
MoD - Ministry of Defence
The British Ministry of Defense announced the beginning stage for the Future Rapid Effect System (FRES) program with a two-year assessment phase. FRES is the British counterpart to US Future Combat Systems (FCS).

The assessment phase will be aimed at selecting a contractor, called the Systems House by MoD, for program management, risk reduction and system engineering. The prime contractor will provide an objective view of the broad range of technologies and potential solutions for the FRES systems as well as identify the industrial capabilities needed to reach that goal.

A contract for the FRES prime contractor or Systems House should be awarded by late this year. The total number of FRES vehicles needed and their roles will be determined during the two-year assessment phase.

The FRES program will provide a family of medium-weight, networked, performing multiple roles, armored fighting vehicles in the next decade. It is a key element of the British Army transformation and will enable British forces to carry out rapid deployments worldwide.


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