Morgan Freeman Will Be Launch Customer for SJ30i and SJ30x Business Jets

Released on Thursday, May 1, 2014
Cedar City, Utah - May 1, 2014 - SyberJet Aircraft is pleased to announce that Mr. Freeman will be the launch customer for the new SJ30i and SJ30x - both exciting new model upgrades to the world's fastest and longest range light jet. SyberJet has always been proud to count Mr. Freeman as an SJ30 owner. Given his satisfaction with not only the performance of his aircraft, but also with the personalized care he has received, Mr. Freeman is ready to operate each of SyberJet's forthcoming upgraded SJ30 models and will help to promote the SyberJet brand.

Mr. Freeman has been operating his current SJ30 since 2009 amassing over 1,000 flight hours and visiting fourteen countries. With an average flight time of nearly 3 hours per leg and 12 transatlantic crossings, Mr. Freeman is the quintessential SJ30 operator. Boasting a 2,500 nm range, his aircraft routinely can be seen transiting the U.S. from coast to coast or crossing the North Atlantic non-stop, providing Mr. Freeman with the flexibility to enjoy mid-size jet performance in a jet that cost half as much to purchase as other aircraft in that market segment.

SyberJet's announcement was made during Mr. Freeman's participation in the groundbreaking ceremony for SyberJet's Completion and Delivery Center in Cedar City, Utah. SyberJet's President, Chuck Taylor, was thrilled to congratulate Mr. Freeman on his decision concerning the two new SJ30s, one SJ30i and one SJ30x, "I express the SyberJet teams' sincere gratitude to Mr. Freeman. There would seem to be no greater satisfaction than to have an existing customer agree to be the launch customer for your next airplane model. Today Mr. Freeman has gone one step further and agreed be the launch customer for the next two models of the SJ30. Very few things speak louder to the quality and performance of the SJ30 than Mr. Freeman's willingness to be the launch customer for the first SJ30i and the first SJ30X. We are humbled by his continued support."

Mr. Freeman's SJ30i is expected to be delivered in late 2015 after the certification process of both the SyberVisionTM avionics suite and the new interior is complete. His SJ30X is expected to be delivered in 2017.

Source: Morgan Freeman Will Be SyberJet's Launch Customer for Both its Upgraded SJ30i and SJ30x

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