NATO Selects France, Italy and UK Satellite Communications Solution

Released on Friday, May 7, 2004
United Kingdom
Skynet 5
Syracuse III
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
UHF - Ultra High Frequency
UK - United Kingdom
NATO has selected the satellite communications national capabilities of France, Italy and the United Kingdom for its NATO SATCOM Post-2000 program that will run from 2005 through to 2019.

Syracuse in France, Sicral in Italy and Skynet in the United Kingdom satellite constellations will provide SHF and UHF space-based communications services for NATO partners. Alcatel Space in France, Alenia Spazio in Italy and Paradigm Secure Communications in the UK will be the industrial team responsible for the communications services.

This new capability will enable NATO to better manage crisis scenarios through a global and secure space-based communications network.


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