Netherlands Becomes Newest Customer for CV90

Released on Friday, December 10, 2004
CV9035 MkIII
M242 Bushmaster III
BAe - British Aerospace
IFV - Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Land Systems Hägglunds, a BAe Systems subsidiary, has won its first major contract valued at €749 million ($939 million or approx. £500 million) since its creation this September following BAe Systems acquisition of Alvis plc.

The contract has been awarded by the Netherlands and provides funding for the purchase of 184 CV90s outfitted as infantry fighting vehicles. Deliveries to the Netherlands Army are scheduled to begin in 2007 and will continue through 2010. This decision comes after an extensive competition evaluation under the Dutch Infantry Fighting Vehicle program.

The Netherlands Army will receive 184 CV90s, under the CV9035 designation, equipped with a turret-mounted 35mm Bushmaster III gun replacing the 30mm gun of previous models. CV9035 represents the third stage of evolution of the CV90 infantry fighting vehicle variant and features some improvements introduced in the CV9030 and CV9040 models.

In addition to Netherlands, it is likely that the CV9035 vehicle would be delivered to the Armies of Finland and Switzerland. It is anticipated that Dutch defense industry will be involved in the production of CV9035s being ordered. Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Finland and the Netherlands have placed several procurement contracts totaling 1,125 CV90s ordered to date.

The CV9035 features enhanced firepower, survivability, mobility, ergonomics, and advanced electronic architecture with implemented C4I systems. The Bushmaster III 35/50 cannon along with a computerized fire control and programmable ammunition has been provided to counter emerging, hard-skin threats. The commander and gunner have stabilized day/night, third generation infrared imaging sights which enables CV9035 to perform as a hunter-killer. The commander uses the UTAAS rotating cupola.

The Netherlands Army will receive the 184 CV9035s configured in two variants: infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) and command vehicle. Both configurations feature a three-man crew, the IFV can carry a squad of seven infantrymen and the command vehicle a staff group of four.


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