Newest OTOMAT Variant Successfully Tested

Released on Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Marte Mk2/S
Otomat Mk2 Block IV
Teseo Mk2/A
GPS - Global Positioning System
MBDA launched the first Teseo Mk2/A, a modernized version of the OTOMAT missile, at the Interforces test range in Salto di Quirra in Sardinia, Italy.

Teseo Mk2/A, equipped with a telemetric warhead, successfully fulfilled all the parameters of the test as expected. For the test firing, the missile was launched from a ramp installed on a ground platform.

After launch, the missile attained an altitude of between 100 - 120 meters. Following motor ignition, acceleration was completed with the assistance of two boosters which were released after 3.5 seconds of flight. At the end of its acceleration phase, Teseo Mk2/A returned to a cruise altitude of 20 meters above sea level.

The mission planning of the test was designed to replicate the use of Teseo Mk2/A under "littoral warfare" conditions. In this respect the missile was programmed to follow a complex route avoiding friendly no-fly zones and/or severe enemy aerial defenses. As a result, in addition to the re-vectoring of the missile in flight via a data-link to simulate a re-targeting during the mission, around ten way points, both vertical and horizontal, were set.

Teseo Mk2/A cruised as planned for about 300 seconds and for over 70km before it self-destructed under the control of the range authorities once the test mission had been completed.

The test adds emphasis to this important program developed by MBDA for the Italian Navy. It also opens up the prospect of new opportunities in the surface-to-surface anti-ship weapon systems market as well as business opportunities as far as the refurbishment of existing stocks of missiles is concerned. This success has been possible thanks to the farsighted technical ability of the Teseo project team that developed the missile configuration with turbine propulsion to cover long ranges, the possibility of re-vectoring during flight and an active radar-driven seeker.

Teseo Mk2/A is the latest version of the well-known OTOMAT anti-ship missile that has been in use worldwide by the Italian Navy since the early 1970s. The missile was modernized to meet new naval operational requirements, leading to technological improvements implemented during the development phase. Among the most significant improvements are: a completely renewed launching system with a new mission console, a missile interface and a new data-link for the re-vectoring of the missile and the complete digitalization of the on-board electronics (on-board computer, inertial reference unit, actuation equipment, GPS receiver).

In addition, the processing phase of the radar signal in the seeker was completely re-designed. Significantly, the seeker in Teseo Mk2/A is the same as that installed on the Marte Mk2/S missile which demonstrated its extensive operational capability during launches carried out at the beginning of May 2006.


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