OCCAR Awards Aster Missile Family Production Contract

Released on Thursday, November 13, 2003
United Kingdom
Aster 15
Aster 30
Aster Block 1
Charles de Gaulle
Conte di Cavour
Type 45
FSAF - Future Surface-to-Air Family
OCCAR - Organisme Conjoint De Cooperation En Matiere D'Armament
PAAMS - Principal Anti-Air Missile System
SAAM - Surface-to-Air Anti-Missile
The European weaponry cooperation agency known as OCCAR, Organisme Conjoint De Cooperation En Matiere D'Armament, awarded MBDA a €3 billion , $3.5 billion, contract for ASTER missile equipped ground (SAMP/T) and naval (PAAMS and SAAM) air defense systems.

The €3 billion contract will cover production of 1,400 ASTER 15/30 missiles and 18 SAMP/T Block 1 air defense batteries for the French Air Force, French Army and Italian Army plus associated logistic support, training, etc. OCCAR signed the contract on behalf of France, Italy and United Kingdom and MBDA acting as program prime contractor.

The United Kingdom will employ the Aster 15 and Aster 30 missiles worth €400 million on Type 45 Daring class destroyers within PAAMS (Principal Anti-Air Missile System). France and Italy will outfit Charles de Gaulle and Andrea Doria aircraft carriers with Aster 15 missile within SAAM naval air defense system and Horizon frigates with a mixture of Aster 15 and 30 missiles (FSAF) and SAMP/T ground-based air defense system as well. Eventually, Franco-Italian FREMM frigates could be equipped with Aster missiles.

Aster 15/30 missiles will provide short and medium range air defense capability against high maneuverable, low radar cross section air threats, including both aircraft and missiles, as well as anti-ballistic capability.

Aster Vertical Launch missiles will be able to engage more than 10 targets simultaneously.

In addition, the contract also released funding for a third member of successful Aster family, the Aster Block 1 missile. This missile is an evolution of Aster 30 designed to specifically engage theater tactical ballistic missiles.


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