O'Higgins Launches Two Torpedoes While Submerged

Released on Tuesday, November 30, 2004
Scorpene Basic
DCN has announced that the first Scorpene-class submarine ordered by Chile, O'Higgins, launched for the first time two torpedoes during recent sea trials. The test was performed with the boat completely submerged and represents an important milestone for the whole Scorpene program.

The Chilean Scorpene program started in 1997 with the O'Higgins been built by DCN in France. The Chilean Navy also ordered a second boat, named Carrera, which has been built by IZAR shipyards in Spain. To date, international Scorpene program comprises two boats ordered by Chile, two boats ordered by Malaysia and four boats ordered by the Spanish Navy.

Sea trials for the Scorpene program are being carried out at Lorient, France. On November 20 O'Higgins submerged launched two torpedoes of types SUT and BlackShark. This test was aimed at validating Scorpene's weapon system using torpedoes from two different generations. SUT belongs to current generation and the next generation BlackShark has been designed to perform during the 21st century. BlackShark has already been ordered by the Chilean Navy for its Scorpene submarines. In fact, the series production BlackShark employed during the test was part of a batch delivered to the Chilean Navy in 2004.

The torpedoes launch was deemed as another success for the Scorpene sea trials program that scored an important success November 2 submerging O'Higgins at more than 300 meters depth. Sea trials are being conducted by a Chilean crew assisted by French engineering personnel from DCN.

Scorpene has been designed and developed jointly by DCN of France and IZAR of Spain. To date, this program amounts to eight submarines to be built for the navies of Chile (2), Malaysia (2) and Spain (4). BlackShark has been developed in partnership by DCN and WASS of Italy and has been ordered by France, Italy and Chile.


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