Ontario Police Department Orders Third AS350 B2 Helicopter

Released on Thursday, March 17, 2011
AS350 Ecureuil
nm - nautical mile
American Eurocopter is pleased to announce that the Ontario (CA) Police Department has ordered their third AS350 B2. The aircraft, which will enter service in late spring, will primarily be used for aerial patrol and special operations surveillance.

The single-engine AS350 B2 offers the best performance in its category. With built-in maneuverability, superb visibility and low vibration levels in the cabin, the AS350 B2 has become a preferred platform for U.S. law enforcement agencies across the nation.

"The AS350 B2 is the perfect aircraft for our operation," said Eric Weidner, Sergeant and Officer in Charge of the Ontario Police Department's Air Support Unit. "With its payload and performance capabilities, the AS350 B2 has allowed us to continue to evolve as a department and expand the type of missions we perform."

The Ontario Police Department, which has been operating helicopters since 1989, acquired its first B2 in 2002. The Air Support Unit has nine full-time officers and flies 365 days a year. The unit averages around 1000 hours per year on each of their two airframes, with 70-80% of their flights flown at night.

"We spend a lot of time in the air so the AS350 B2's comfortable platform, both in terms of cabin spaciousness and flexibility, coupled with its low noise signature, are important features," continued Weidner. "This reduces crew fatigue, allows for safer operations, and makes us environmentally friendly."

The high reliability of the AS350 B2 provides the Ontario Police Department with the dispatch availability that is critical to their operation. "In addition to the superb dependability of the aircraft itself, the service and support we receive from American Eurocopter is exceptional," added Weidner. "We have been extremely satisfied with the support we receive, which certainly was a key consideration as we looked to add a new aircraft to our fleet."

Source: Ontario Police Department Orders Third AS350 B2

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