Orbiter Mini UAV and Lynx MLRS in Successful Long-Range Artillery Targeting Exercise

Released on Thursday, May 1, 2008
BDA - Battle Damage Assessment
CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States
MLRS - Multiple Launch Rocket System
PGCS - Personal Ground Control System
UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
The Orbiter™ Mini UAV has successfully completed a series of flights in a live-fire artillery exercise in Southern Israel.

During the exercise the Orbiter system was launched to locate targets at ranges of up to 50 km. The digital down link video and data received on the Personal Ground Control System (PGCS) was relayed in real time to the commander of the artillery battery. Upon location and identification of targets, artillery rockets were aimed and fired using the precise coordinates relayed from the Orbiter. First round hits were videoed in real time, enabling rapid calculation of the ranging errors, which were then corrected and a second volley of rockets were fired. The Orbiter provided full Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) until the last round was fired.

During the exercise, further advanced capabilities of the Orbiter system were demonstrated, such as the launch and flight of two Orbiter mini UAVs from the battery site, controlled from one PGCS, and the performance of extended duration missions, enabling up to three hours of targeting per flight.

The Orbiter system was deployed in this exercise as an integral part of an artillery rocket launcher system. The Orbiter system is being supplied in this configuration to an unnamed CIS country.

Orbiter has a 2.2 m wingspan and weighs 6.5 kg. It can operate in windy or poor weather conditions and its electric motor is inaudible to the target.

A number of other countries have also bought the Orbiter system, which came on the market just two years ago, and are operating the system in Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chad and other parts of the globe.

Source: May 1, 2008 - Orbiter™ Mini UAV in Successful Long-Range Artillery Targeting Exercise

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