PANTERA Demonstrates Data Downlink Capability

Released on Wednesday, November 3, 2004
A-10A Thunderbolt II
F-15E Strike Eagle
F-16A Fighting Falcon
F-16B Fighting Falcon
F-16C Block 50
F-16D Block 52
Sniper XR
GPS - Global Positioning System
RNoAF - Royal Norwegian Air Force
The Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF) and Lockheed-Martin have demonstrated PANTERA advanced targeting pod data downlink capability on a Norwegian mid-life updated F-16 aircraft at Bodo Air Force Base in Bodo, Norway.

The PANTERA targeting pod is the export variant of Lockheed-Martin's Sniper XR targeting pod being integrated into US Air Force F-16C/D Fighting Falcon, F-15E Strike Eagle and A-10 multi-role aircraft. This test represented the first time Sniper XR product line shows up data downlink capability. The PANTERA targeting pod was modified by RNoAF personnel at Bodo AFB in less than one hour to provide downlink capability.

The downlink capability demonstration included a ground-based safety-of-flight electromagnetic compatibility test and two flying missions. The downlink evaluation performed as predicted without affecting other aircraft systems, which is the major concern when a new capability is added to an existing aircraft. The test was witnessed by the RNoAF and the Norwegian Army.

The test consisted on the F-16 aircraft transmitting a real-time video (infrared and day TV) stream to a downlink ground station. PANTERA imagery will provide ground forces with situational awareness, precision targeting and shortens timelines in coordinating air and ground operations. In addition, this critical capability will support future net-centric operations conducted in conjunction by Royal Norwegian Air Force and Norwegian Army.

The Sniper XR/PANTERA is compatible with currently fielded man-portable, ground receiver stations (Rover III) and features a long-range line-of-sight video transmission radius. The system also supports multiple simultaneous video transmissions from aircraft equipped with Sniper/PANTERA targeting pods. Additionally, PANTERA video transmission contains user-defined pod symbology, aircraft display indications and GPS information.


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