Patriot PAC-3 Sold to International Customers

Released on Monday, January 31, 2005
United States of America
MIM-104 Patriot PAC-3
Patriot PAC-3
FMS - Foreign Military Sale
MEADS - Medium Extended Air Defense System
THAAD - Theater High Altitude Area Defense
Lockheed-Martin has received a $532 million contract for 156 Patriot PAC-3 missile interceptors for the US Army, the Netherlands and Japan including launcher modification kits, spares and other associated ground equipment.

The contract comes from the US Army and also supports foreign military sales (FMS) to the Netherlands and Japan. The contract represents the first international sales of the battle-proven PAC-3 missiles. The US Army will take delivery of 156 missiles, 32 of which then will be delivered to the Netherlands and 16 missiles to Japan. A FMS agreement with the Netherlands involving PAC-3s was anticipated in 2004.

The contracting agency is the US Army Aviation and Missiles Command, Huntsville, Alabama. Deliveries of the missiles and equipment should be completed during 2006.

PAC-3 is a sophisticated hit-to-kill, kinetic energy missile intended to engage a wide spectrum of threats such as ballistic missiles carrying weapons of mass destruction or conventional warheads, cruise missile and aircraft. The missile has been selected for use on MEADS future air defense system. Patriot PAC-3 weapon systems will perform coupled with THAAD ballistic defense to provide layered coverage to US and allied Forces in the future warfare scenarios.


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