Pilatus Enhances PC-12 NG for 2014

Released on Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Pilatus PC-12
LED - Light Emitting Diode
USA - United States of America
Pilatus is introducing five new features in the 2014 model in an effort to keep demand high for the popular single engine turboprop. "To celebrate the first delivery of a PC-12 20 years ago, we've added a host of new features to make the 2014 PC-12 NG the best PC-12 to date," stated Ignaz Gretener, Vice President General Aviation at Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.

Incorporating new technology and responding to customer feedback, the new 2014 PC-12 NG will include six new BMW DesignworksUSA executive interior options, a new electric landing gear system, external LED lighting, a wireless Connected Flight Deck™ system, and a Wi-Fi passenger entertainment system.

New BMW Interiors

Pilatus continues its longstanding partnership with BMW Group DesignworksUSA by offering 6 new interior packages and a new array of exterior paint schemes crafted exclusively for Pilatus. The palettes satisfy nearly every aesthetic from understated, to expressive and natural, to technical. In the Pilatus tradition, the interior designs combine modern style with a focus on function, quality, and innovation. Responding to the increased demand for the PC-12 NG in emerging markets, all BMW interiors will be available globally for the first time.

Electric Landing Gear

By replacing the PC-12's original hydraulic landing gear with a new electric system, PC-12 operators realize both weight and maintenance cost savings. The electric landing gear provides a 13 lb (5.9 kg) weight savings over the previous hydraulic system, and reduces the landing gear maintenance and inspection costs. The 2014 PC-12 NG is now an allelectric aircraft, similar to the most modern airliners.

External LED Lighting

The 2014 PC-12 NG is equipped with light emitting diode (LED) landing, taxi, recognition, navigation, and strobe lights. The tail-mounted strobe light has been eliminated by incorporating its function into the two wingtip strobes. The LED lights are even more reliable due to their solid state design, and produce more light than the incandescent bulbs employed in previous models of the aircraft.

Connected Flight Deck

The new wireless Connected Flight Deck™ system is a set of four innovative iPad™ applications that interface with a wireless gateway system onboard the PC-12 NG. Each application is designed to enhance the efficiency of data exchanged between the aircraft, pilot, and maintenance personnel. The apps enable fast and simple wireless updates of airport, navigation and terrain databases, off-aircraft flight planning and uploading directly to the flight management system, maintenance and diagnostic recording with email to a service facility, and a moving map feature for passengers. This "industry first" was the result of a collaborative joint development effort between Pilatus, Honeywell, Jeppesen, and Aspen Avionics.

Wireless Entertainment System

Passengers can connect wirelessly to their favorite movies, music, and a moving map using their personal Wi-Fi enabled devices. An on-board media server with USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi inputs provides passengers the ability to easily connect and independently access stored movies, music, photos, XM satellite radio, and other content. The standard high resolution moving map display allows passengers to instantly track their location, speed, altitude, and remaining flight time. Pilatus also offers both satellite and ground-based options for in-flight Internet access for the North American market. The new wireless entertainment option, powered by the Emteq's eConnect™ system will be available mid-2014. Gretener continued, "This year marks the 20th anniversary of certification of the PC-12, and global demand for the PC-12 NG remains very strong as we approach the 1,300th delivery. We will continue to innovate with new features and capabilities for the PC-12, as we still see a lot of future potential in this market segment."

The base price for the 2014 PC-12 NG is $3,850,000 with a typically equipped executive configuration priced at $4,642,000.


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