RATTLRS Phase II Contract Awarded

Released on Wednesday, August 11, 2004
United States of America
SR-71 Blackbird
RATTLRS - Revolutionary Approach to Time-critical Long Range Strike
The US Navy Office of Naval Research awarded the phase II contract for the Revolutionary Approach to Time-critical Long Range Strike (RATTLRS) program on July 20. The RATTLRS is part of National Aerospace Initiative and intends to increase capabilities and performance for expendable supersonic vehicles.

Lockheed-Martin teamed with Allison Advanced Development Company (AADC) could receive up to $175 million over a period of five years under the RATTLRS phase two indefinite quantity contract. The project aim is to achieve a Mach 4+ propulsion system in an operational traceable airframe such as a missile.

Allison Advanced Development Company has developed the inexpensive YJ102R engine providing supersonic cruise capability suitable for an expendable missile. Engine cooling technologies enable YJ102R engine to provide six times the specific thrust of legendary SR-71 Blackbird spy plane engines. Which means a YJ102R-powered vehicle can cruise at SR-71 speeds without the high fuel consumption of afterburning engines.

The RATTLRS program intends to develop high speed weapon systems for joint US customers. The Lockheed-Martin Advanced Development programs organization, also known as Skunk Works, is the responsible for high speed, hypersonic technology development.


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