Raytheon Delivers 1000th Evolved SeaSparrow Missile to Multinational Consortium

Released on Tuesday, August 25, 2009
ESSM - Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile
EAST CAMDEN, Ark., Aug. 25, 2009 /PRNewswire/ -- Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) delivered the 1000th Evolved SeaSparrow Missile to a multinational consortium during a ceremony at the Raytheon Missile Systems Weapon Integration Center - Camden.

Deployed by the U.S. Navy and nine international fleets, ESSM defends the battlespace by delivering ship self-defense firepower against high-G maneuvering anti-ship cruise missiles as well as surface and low-velocity air threats.

"ESSM's increased speed coupled with its improved guidance system allows for engagements at extended ranges," said Capt. Mike Anderson, the U.S. Navy's ESSM project manager. "The hallmarks of the missile are its international design, combat system flexibility and performance edge."

As a tail-controlled missile, ESSM utilizes recent enhancements to its guidance system to take advantage of improved seeker sensitivity, increased propulsion and greater weapon accuracy. Combined, these features result in ESSM arriving at the intercept point with more endgame speed and agility to counter the threat.

"Raytheon leads an international team of 18 world-class companies in developing and producing ESSM," said Ed Roesly, Raytheon's ESSM program director. "Our team develops the industrial bases of all participating countries, uses the expertise and technological skills of each participant and provides every country with a return on investment."

Source: Raytheon Delivers 1000th Evolved SeaSparrow Missile

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