Raytheon to Develop Hard-Kill Active Protection Systems for FCS

Released on Tuesday, April 25, 2006
United States of America
APS - Active Protection System
FCS - Future Combat Systems
Raytheon Company has been awarded a contract worth up to $70 million from BAE Systems to develop the hard-kill Active Protection System (APS) for Future Combat System (FCS) vehicles under a three-phase agreement. The initial phase is pegged at $10 million.

The Boeing Company, FCS Lead Systems Integrator, announced the selection of Raytheon as the APS developer earlier this month. APS is a key element in a full-spectrum suite of "hit avoidance" technologies designed to keep FCS manned ground vehicles and their troops safe from harm. Using FCS's sensors and its common radar, the APS detects, tracks and defeats enemy threats with precision munitions in the blink of an eye.

BAE Systems is looking forward to working with Raytheon on the development and integration of the active protection hard-kill subsystem into the overall vehicle suite of defensive capabilities. Raytheon brings a comprehensive systems engineering approach and innovative technology options to the APS development effort.

APS will shield warfighters and their vehicles from enemy threats. Using a combination of sensor technologies and precision counter munitions instead of heavy armor, the new system will also help FCS meet its survivability requirements.


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