Raytheon's New Vertical Launch System Designated as Mk 57

Released on Monday, August 25, 2003
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Mk 41 Strike Length
Mk 57
Standard SM-3 Block IA
FMS - Foreign Military Sale
The Raytheon corporation has announced that its new Vertical Launch System (VLS), under development for DD(X)-class destroyers, has been officially designated as the Mk 57. The Mk 57 VLS will be the successor of the combat proven Mk 41 VLS.

The Vertical Launch System Mk 57 is being designed for DD(X) ship and was previously known as the Peripheral Vertical Launch System (PVLS). The Mk 57 development will be carried out jointly between Raytheon and United Defense.

The Mk 57 VLS will reduce ownership costs by lowering manning requirements over current Mk 41 system, as well as facilitate the US Navy's open architecture vision for ship electronic systems.

It will be able to fire all the missiles currently in the US Navy inventory, as well as those projected to be fielded in the future. The Mk 57 will allow to fire lightweight weapons such as the ESSM and heavyweight ones such as the Standard SM-3 missile.

The Mk 57 VLS is expected to be provided to other US Navy ships such as the CG(X) cruiser, and to be available for foreign navies programs under Foreign Military Sales (FMS).


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