Rheinmetall Showcases Ultra-Wideband High Power Electromagnetic at Eurosatory 2008

Released on Monday, June 16, 2008
IED - Improvised Explosive Device
UWB HPEM - Ultra-WideBand High Power ElectroMagnetic
"Protection - Precision - Power": this motto sums up in three words the products and projects Rheinmetall Defence is presenting at Eurosatory 2008 in Paris, including state-of-the-art protection technology for today's armed forces and security services.

Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) have become the weapon of choice for insurgents and terrorists in modern, asymmetric conflicts. Cheap and deadly, they pose a constant threat to troops and security forces deployed in the world's new war zones, making every supply run or routine patrol a potentially risky venture. On the home front, too, terrorists have repeatedly employed such weapons, e.g. in Madrid in March 2004.

Fortunately, an effective countermeasure against remotely detonated explosive devices is already available: ultra-wideband high power electromagnetic (UWB HPEM) systems.

In cooperation with Diehl BGT Defence GmbH & Co. KG, Rheinmetall Defence has developed its own UWB-HPEM technologies which are highly effective against roadside bombs, for example, but harmless to humans.

Systems of this kind can disrupt all communication links in a spectrum ranging from a few megahertz to 3 gigahertz simultaneously and reliably, without however interfering with communications between friendly forces.

An UWB-HPEM system typically consists of the following components: a battery-based direct current power supply, an actuation system, a semiconductor-based ultra-wideband pulse generator and an ultra-wideband antenna. Depending on the type of threat, it can either set off a sensor-triggered IEDs in a controlled explosion or prevent it from being remotely detonated by radio or mobile phone. A UWB-HPEM system can be loaded onto a vehicle, creating an electromagnetic protection zone for a convoy, potentially in combination with other systems. Owing to its modular design, concealed installation in protected vehicles is also feasible. This significantly reduces the risk of a successful attack.

Other advantages of UWB systems are sustained operability, low maintenance and non-lethality. They fully conform to the safety standards of the World Health Organization and other relevant institutions.

UWB-HPEM technology is just one example of Rheinmetall's extensive range of modular products for military and law enforcement applications, designed to enable personnel deployed in harm's way to respond to security challenges with flexibility and self-confidence. They also offer the added advantage of rapid availability.

Source: Protection, precision, power from Rheinmetall Defence

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