Rheinmetall and BAE Systems to Cooperate in ARED Airspace Surveillance Project

Released on Wednesday, April 15, 2009
AR327 Commander SL
BWB - Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung
UK - United Kingdom
Rheinmetall AG of Düsseldorf and Britain's BAE Systems have agreed to cooperate on an advanced radar system for Germany's ARED project, specifically designed for extensive airspace coverage.

Starting in 2012, the German government plans to install a total of six radar systems, which will eventually cover the entire country from the Alps to the sea. It issued a request for tenders at the beginning of February 2009; the contract volume, spread over five years, comes to over €100 million.

Set to supersede the country's current outdated technology, the system will substantially improve air safety throughout German airspace as well as integrating a special friend / foe recognition capability.

If Rheinmetall wins the order, the company will serve as prime contractor for the entire ground infrastructure, including integration and installation of the systems. BAE Systems will be in charge of the Commander SL radar sensor technology. The Royal Air Force already operates a system of this type in the UK.

The system proposed by Rheinmetall and BAE System is the only solution on the market today which is immediately available and meets the specifications of the German Air Force and Federal Agency for Defence Technology and Procurement in Koblenz (BWB).

Rheinmetall and BAE Systems are offering Germany a perfected, fully developed plug-and-play solution.

Source: Rheinmetall and BAE Systems to cooperate in ARED airspace surveillance project

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