Rheinmetall to Develop NBS C-RAM Weapon System

Released on Tuesday, April 3, 2007
Skyshield 35
BWB - Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung
C-RAM - Counter-Rocket, Artillery, Mortar
NBS - Nächstbereichs-Schutzsystem
RAM - Rocket, Artillery and Mortar
The German government has selected the Rheinmetall Group of Düsseldorf to develop a system for protecting Bundeswehr forward operating bases. Known by its German initials NBS, this new short-range force protection system will detect and physically intercept incoming rocket, artillery and mortar (RAM) rounds.

Signed on 30 March 2007 at the Federal Agency for Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB) in Koblenz, the development contract is worth €48 million. The NBS system is intended to give the Bundeswehr a reliable counter-RAM (or C-RAM) capability within two years, employing new state-of-the-art air defence technology to protect stationary military assets. The first fully functional NBS unit will be ready for deployment as soon as development work is completed in the third quarter of 2009. Should the German government opt to buy the NBS, it will be used to protect Bundeswehr forward operating bases in places like Afghanistan.

Thanks to its Skyshield system, Rheinmetall is a global leader in short and very short-range air defence. The prime focus of the NBS development contract will be to modify and improve Skyshield 35 mm guns, sensors, fire control technology and Ahead ammunition to deal with asymmetric threats in out-of-area theatres of operation.

Because the NBS represents an important new dimension in the Bundeswehr's future air defence system (SysFla), the order is another major strategic success for Rheinmetall AG's air defence division.

Source: Rheinmetall air defence system to protect Bundeswehr forward operating bases from attack

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