Rolling Airframe Missile Block 2 Completes Key Flight Test

Released on Tuesday, November 23, 2010
United States of America
RAM Block 2
RAM - Rolling Airframe Missile
TUCSON, Ariz., Nov. 23, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Raytheon Company's (NYSE: RTN) Rolling Airframe Missile Block 2 completed the fourth of four controlled test vehicle flights designed to demonstrate the system's upgraded kinematic performance and stable airframe control capability.

The test also focused on RAM's rocket motor, airframe, control section and autopilot software, which will be used to evolve and improve the accuracy and fidelity of future simulations. Raytheon will build 25 Block 2 missiles during the design and development test period. The company expects a low rate initial production contract to follow.

"RAM Block 2 will redefine ship self-defense against sea-skimming, diving and maneuvering anti-ship missiles," said Alan Fabos, Raytheon's RAM Block 2 program manager. "With its rapid fire-and-forget performance, RAM Block 2 will be equally deadly against rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft and surface threats."

RAM is a supersonic, lightweight, quick reaction, fire-and-forget missile providing defense against anti-ship cruise missiles, helicopter and airborne threats, and hostile surface craft. The missile's autonomous dual-mode, passive radio frequency and infrared guidance design provides a high-firepower capability for engaging multiple threats simultaneously. Produced in partnership by Raytheon and RAMSYS of Germany, RAM is in the fleets of seven nations serving as an integral self-defense weapon.

The Block 2 upgrade includes a four-axis independent control actuator system and a redesigned rocket motor. These upgrades increase the RAM's effective range and deliver a significant improvement in maneuverability. The improved missile also incorporates an upgraded passive radio frequency seeker, a digital autopilot and engineering changes in selected infrared seeker components.

Source: Raytheon's Rolling Airframe Missile Block 2 Completes Key Flight Test

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